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“Finger Games seems to be selling the exclusive broadcasting rights of ICL to Bunny Tail Live-Stream!”

Liu Liang’s expression changed instantly. He jumped up from his chair. “Bunny Tail Live-Stream?”

“Exclusive broadcasting rights?”

“When did this happen?!”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Liu Liang’s series of questions stunned the employee.

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“Boss Liu, I just found out about this as well. The two companies seem to have negotiated very quickly. It seemed to have been finalized within a day or two. I don’t know the details, but the chances of success seem very high...”

Liu Liang fell into a daze.

This was beyond his expectations!

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No matter how you looked at it, Bunny Tail Live-Stream and ICL league were two completely different things!

Boss Pei had said before that Bunny Tail Live-Stream did not form a direct competition with other live-stream platforms. It was a platform that focused on knowledge and education. The publicity and live-stream content of Bunny Tail Live-Stream proved this point.

Logically speaking, even if they wanted to do a live-stream of the game, they should first poach a few big streamers from GOG or broadcast GPL to test the waters. What was the meaning of spending a huge sum of money to buy the exclusive broadcasting rights of ICL?

As for the ICL league, what happened to Finger Games and Tengda Corporation being enemies? What happened to IOI and GOG being the biggest competitors?

Eric and Zhao Xuming had suffered so much from Boss Pei. Shouldn’t they reject working with Boss Pei directly?