how to make extra money at home

how to make extra money at home

Thus, the funds had to be invested in them.

Ma Yiqun fell into deep thought. “Apart from royalties, readers, and fame which Infinite Chinese Network could provide as well; what else would these mid-tier writers need?

“It’s… security.

“A career development plan and guidance… “A few social connections… “And… a more regulated, healthy life.

“That means that only a portion of the writers can obtain this security. They will be selected through a rigorous process.”

Thinking that he had found the right direction, Ma Yiqun began to write his plan.

Boss Pei was right. There was no way that Zhongdian Chinese Network would be able to compete with Infinite Chinese Network in terms of money. Even if the former could poach several authors over, they would not be able to keep doing so in the long-term.

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That was because Infinite Chinese Network had a huge reader base, many authors, and a greater ability to generate revenue.

Thus, no matter which angle one looked at the problem from, Infinite Chinese Network could offer a more promising future to mid-tier writers than Zhongdian Chinese Network could.

To attract more mid-tier writers to the website, Zhongdian Chinese Network would have to play to its strengths. It could not only work on visible aspects like royalties, readers, and exposure. Instead, it had to work on the invisible aspects.

Basic security in life was one example.

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Authors did not earn basic salaries; neither did they have insurance or funds. After all, every book that they published was fraught with risk. Mid-tier writers’ income was not considered low, but it was definitely not enough to compensate them for the risks that they had to expose themselves to regularly.