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The players’ requirements for you were obviously to match GOG’s standards. Naturally, they were much stricter.

Eric would never have thought that gamers still managed to find a way to compare them even though IOI’s mobile game was in a different genre from Fitness Battle. One was deliberately misleading gamers by playing word games, while the other was very rigorous that they even gave up initial publicity in order to prevent misleading gamers!

What was worse was that many players had slightly highlighted this detail, thinking that it reflected the deeper problems of the two companies: for example, the difference in values, attitude towards players, and sincerity.

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Coupled with the stereotypes that gamers had formed since the 515 Games Festival, everyone was obviously on Tengda’s side. They firmly resisted IOI’s mobile games!

Eric leaned back in his chair, unable to hide the exhaustion on his face.

How could he have expected Boss Pei to be waiting for him at such a place?

He had originally thought that IOI’s mobile game would be foolproof when it came to facing head on with Fitness Battle. However, from the looks of it, Fitness Battle might have been a card that Boss Pei had planned long ago. He had even deliberately posed at the news conference of the smart fitness drying rack to bait him!

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The most ruthless part of this move was that it completely sacrificed the early publicity of the smart fitness drying rack and the Fitness Battle, strengthening the solid impression in players’ hearts. “Tengda is always thinking for gamers; Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation may seem to be thinking for gamers on the surface, but they are actually trying to make money for themselves.”

Once this impression was strengthened, one might not be able to see anything in the short term. However, it would have a subtle effect that would have far-reaching effects!

What’s more, Eric could not find a way to fight back.

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If Boss Pei decided to burn more money with a wave of his hand, Eric could continue burning more money as well.

However, Boss Pei had easily established such an impression in players’ hearts. How would Eric react and how much money would he have to spend to get rid of this impression?

What’s more, Eric could not convince all the higher-ups in Finger Games.

Boss Pei had targeted his weakness the moment he made a move!