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There was the figure of Gregor who gripped an extremely unstable soul dress.

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「That guy is still able to move?」

「I won’t let you escape… *cough**cough*…… !? Haa, Haa…. Taking『three』really messes up the body, after all…」

Perhaps he took a reckless amount of spirit pill to recover from those life threatening injuries.

His body was『assimilated』with his soul dress, and he floated in the air, like『ash』.

(Damn, this is bad…)

From the front, members of the Organization were constantly rushing in.

From the rear, Gregor Ash, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

This is the worst pincer move we could’ve got caught up in.

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(Ria and the rest are tied up with opening up a path, and the president is not ready to fight yet… Which means I have to take care of this…)

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When I tried to squeeze out darkness by concentrating my somewhat slightly restored spiritual power,

「…Can’t be helped. I will stop Gregor.」

Sebas-san pulled his hood down more deeply and took the position of rearguard.

Then, the president cuts in from the side, as if she had expected it already.

「If it’s you, I’m sure you will be fine, but be careful. Gregor’s sword is an ash sword – a mysterious insubstantial soul dress.」

When she gave a slight advice,

「P-President… Exerting yourself to care about my wellbeing… I am extremely and humbly delighted!」

Sebas-san, overcome with emotion, bowed his head deeply.

…Despite such a tense situation, he is a person who really has a lot of love for the president.