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“It’s absolutely impossible for people who don’t have the ability to focus. However, you would pour in all of your energy in order to get better at basketball. Even if it’s only a fraction, use some of that energy for studying. In order to continue playing basketball at this school. So that you don’t get kicked out.”

It was a really small one, but Horikita unmistakably offered Sudou a small compromise. He hesitated.

However, his pride got in the way. No matter what, he would not agree.

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“… I still won’t participate. Thank you for being more civil, but I still can’t agree.”

Sudou tried to leave without ever having sat down, but Horikita stopped him.

If she let this chance go, there probably wouldn’t be another opportunity to form a study group. Normally, I wouldn’t have said anything, but I guess I have to pitch in and help here.

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“Hey, Kushida. Do you already have a boyfriend?”

“Eh? Ehh? I don’t have one, why are you asking me out of the blue?”

“Then, if I get 50 points on the next test, will you date me?”

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I stuck out my hand.

“Ha? What are you saying, Ayanokouji!? Date me! I’ll get 51 points!”

“No, no, me! Date me! I’ll get 52 points!”

Ike quickly responded. And then Yamauchi. Kushida quickly recognized what I was trying to do.

“E-embarassing… I don’t judge people by their test scores, you know?”

“But they want a reward for doing well. Look at their enthusiasm. If there’s such a reward, they’ll probably try even harder.”

“W-well, how about this? I’ll date the person who gets the highest test score… I like people who work hard to achieve something they might not even like.”

“Woahhhhh! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”