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The food competition finally came to an end at 7PM.

After the selection of the rare local snacks, it was time for the final round of reviews.

The officials ranked all participating vendors according to their ratings and awarded prizes and bonuses to the winners.

Cold-Faced Lady’s Roasted Cold-Faced Noodles was not selected without a doubt. It was at the bottom in the Roasted Cold-Faced Team. There was no chance at all in the overall review.

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The winners were elated. They took the trophies and prizes from the staff and proudly waved at the camera.

The other vendors who did not win the prize were also applauding and giving their blessings. The entire Street Food Contest ended after an afternoon of intense competition.

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Qi Yan heaved a long sigh. The event was finally done no matter what!

As long as nothing went wrong.

She still had to organize these videos and get someone to edit them and upload them to Aili Island and other video websites to achieve a secondary effect.

However, Qi Yan was as confused as the audience.

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Why was Boss Pei doing this?

Wouldn’t it make things worse for Cold-Faced Lady if the judges criticized it for tasting bad?

Pei Qian turned off the live-stream and finally relaxed on the other side.

He was no longer in the office. Instead, he came to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and used his cell phone to watch the last segment of the food competition.