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The door was already open. Inside, I could see the homeroom teachers from the other classes, each accompanied by a single student. From Class A, it was Sakayanagi. From Class B, it was Ichinose, and from Class D, it was Kaneda.

Unsurprisingly, every single one of us had a protection point.

There were also two computers set up directly opposite of one another, each connected to a single, large monitor.

“Now that all the commanders have gathered, let’s get started with deciding the class match-ups. I’ll have each of you draw a slip from this lottery. The student who draws a slip with a red circle on it will be allowed to choose their opponent.”

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Mashima-sensei presented us with a lottery box and prompted Sakayangi to draw from it. However, she refused.

“As they say, good things come to those that wait. I don’t mind going last, so by all means, Ichinose-san.”

“Well, I don’t mind if I do!”

Ichinose drew first, followed by Class C and D. Since the slips weren’t folded, we knew the results of the draw almost immediately. In the end, Class D’s Kaneda drew the winning slip with the red circle on it.

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That is to say, Class D had won the right to choose their opponent.

“It seems there’s no need for me to check the last slip, right Mashima-sensei?”

Mashima-sensei drew the final slip from the lottery box and, needless to say, there was no red circle on it.

“It seems good things didn’t come this time, Sakayanagi.”

“I wonder about that. I don’t necessarily have to draw the winning slip to come out on top in the end.”

“It sounds to me like Class A thinks they can rest easy no matter who they end up facing.”

“Oh, that’s not the case. If at all possible, I’d like to avoid confrontation with your class, Ichinose-san.”

Sakayanagi’s response made it hard to tell if she was just being polite or if she had given her honest opinion.

“Could you tell us which class you’ll be choosing?”

At Mashima-sensei’s request, Kaneda gave a small nod.

At some point since this morning, even Class D had probably held a discussion to figure out which of the other classes to go against to secure the highest chance of winning.