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Pei Qian could not help but feel good, looking at Chen Kangtuo’s helpless expression.

Who asked you to misinterpret what I meant? Go reflect on yourself in the haunted house!

Chen Kangtuo might know more about the haunted house than tourists as the designer, but that did not mean that he was not afraid.

It was just like Outlast 2, where the designer of Outlast 2 personally tried it and was so scared that he dropped the controller on the spot.

Of course, some designers were so well-versed in the game machines, playing horror scenes as though they were nothing. However, they were exceptional talents.

Ordinary people would be scared sh*tless.

Would someone not be afraid to enter the haunted house even if they gave that person the diagram of the haunted house, mark out all the scary places, and make the person memorize them all?

At the very most, the person would be prepared psychologically, and the degree of fear would be reduced. However, it was impossible to be not afraid.

Visual effects, auditory effects, and various psychological cues... even if someone was psychologically prepared, it was still difficult for their psychological defenses to keep up when they were truly immersed in it.

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Of course, it was another matter altogether if it was a gifted person who had no sense of fear.

However, Chen Kangtuo was obviously not such a gifted person. His current expression was enough proof. Chen Kangtuo’s expression changed from blank to stunned, to shock, and then collapse after hearing Boss Pei say that in an indifferent tone.

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Are you trying to kill me, Boss Pei?!

The haunted house that Chen Kangtuo designed himself and customized it in his own style. He checked the semi-finished product during construction so he knew how terrifying it really was.

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In fact, he never went in again after the third project of the Thriller Hostel was completed even though there was no staff acting as ghosts.

It was enough to scare people to death just by walking around in this environment!

But what did Boss Pei say just now? He wanted him to go through every single detail?