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Some old gamers would not reveal any answers and would only start to mock the players after they had chosen wrongly.

There were also some old gamers who led the new players down the right paths at first to gain the trust of the new gamers. In the end, they would beat them down the wrong paths at the crucial moment.

The scariest thing was that this model was not one-on-one. A maximum of four old players could enter the game of the same new player at a go. They could display their avatars in the four corners of the screen respectively. The content of the words would be displayed in text bubble form.

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Some of the four old players were speaking the truth, some were lying, some were trying to undermine each other, and some were working together to deceive others. Coupled with the original voice-overs, the new players could experience five times the joy.

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Apart from that, the most exciting part was that there were many fake new players baiting the rest!

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Many players had already cleared the game many times, but they purposely started a brand new game to lure the older players in. Then, they pretended to be newbies who knew nothing and fought with them, leading all of them in circles.

“These new modes are quite interesting. Ordinary players should be able to play for two or three days without getting tired of them. The elites should be able to play quite well, right?”

“For all we know, the UP Masters might start producing programs like ‘Baiting in Game Designer’ soon.”

Qiao Liang played for a while and found it quite interesting.

The old gamers found a new source of entertainment after these two games were added to the internet mode. They had originally been left to collect dust in the game library, but after updating their downloadable content, they brought it out again for a new source of entertainment.

Games that had been played many times over were no longer interesting. With these changes, they could fill up the old bottles with new alcohol and refresh them a few more times!

After playing for a while, Qiao Liang read the gamers’ thoughts on the two games in discussion forums.

“Holy sh*t, Tengda is the conscience of the industry! How long ago was this game? The main body is free, and it’s still being updated?”

“Compared to the content of the downloadable content, the price is still as cheap as a cabbage. I seriously doubt that they can even break even back from this.”

“It’s too worth it. I’ll just buy it brainlessly!”

“Finally, I managed to be one up on the voice-overs in Game Designer. I don’t need to be mocked by it anymore. Thank you, AEEIS, the little bickering assistant!”

“There are too many people baiting on the internet mode! They are all veteran gamers, why are they pretending to be newbies? I’m speechless!”

“However, the two downloadable content seemed to have hidden some Easter eggs this time. For example, The Lonely Desert Road gave a spacecraft and an extraterrestrial scene. Does that mean that Tengda’s next game is a sci-fi-themed game?”