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Then, the person who tried to stab Bro raised their face, and we were once again shocked by their appearance.

“Oh, woman?”

That’s right, she was a woman. But she’s not just a woman.

Brown skin. The voluptuous body which could easily charm men was covered with a tattered long skirt and a short shirt which stopped at her navel.

Her long purple hair was damaged from being restrained for so long, but it doesn’t detract from the woman’s beauty.

However, the ears protruding from under the long hair proved that the woman was not human.

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“Dark Elf… hey, come on, are you serious?”

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Yes, it’s a dark elf. I’m seeing one for the first time, too.

In addition……

“Uga, kill… Uga, eat… raid”

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Although not as much as the Mantis, it is the first demon that appeared with a massive, muscular body. A Cyclops.

“Gigigigigi, Gi, Gii!”

A small demon appeared from underneath the cyclops’ feet.


Four demons who appeared were released from their restraints.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What’s up with these guys? Why are they suddenly showing up?”

『Hmm….. Ho~』

It seems that Chitsue brought them in, but apparently they saw an opening and broke out of the restraints.

But before we could figure out who they were and what circumstances they were under….