In the evening, I steal money.

In the evening, I steal money.

The seven people who failed, or in other words, Ike and his group, let out a surprised voice.

On the paper, there was a red line separating the rest of the class and the seven people, the highest of which was Kikuchi with a score of 31 points. In other words, everyone after Kikuchi failed.

“Don’t fuck with me Sae-chan-sensei! Don’t joke about dropping out of school!”

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“I’m also at a loss for words. It’s the school’s rules, so prepare for the worst.”

“As the teacher said, there seem to be a lot of fools here.”

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While polishing his nails with his feet on the desk, Koenji had a smug smirk on his face.

“What’s that, Koenji!? Your marks are in the red too!”

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“Fu. Where are your eyes looking at, boy? Look carefully.”

“H-huh? Hey, Koenji’s name is… huh?”

Scanning from the bottom, his eyes gradually reached the top. And then—he finally saw the name Koenji Rokusuke.

To his disbelief, Koenji had tied for the top score in the class. 90 points. That means that he was able to solve one of the super hard problems.

“I never thought that Sudou would be a stupid character like me…!”

Ike said out loud with a sarcasm in his tone.

“Oh, and one more thing. This school, which is under the control of the country, boasts a high percentage of alumni going to higher education and a high employment rate. That’s a well-known fact. Most likely, many people in this class will go on to college or find work at a company.”

That’s obvious. As she said, this school has the highest employment and college acceptance rate. There are rumors that if you successfully graduate from this school, a usually difficult college or company will become a lot easier to join. Other rumors say that graduating from this school is like getting a recommendation to be admitted to Tokyo University.

“But… things aren’t that easy in the world. People like you guys, who are of a really low level, will probably have trouble getting into college or getting a job.”

Chiyabashira-sensei’s words echoed in the classroom.

“In other words, in order to make our dreams of getting a job or getting into college a reality, surpassing class C is probably a minimum.”

“That’s also slightly incorrect, Hirata. There’s no way to achieve your dreams except for surpassing class A. The school doesn’t guarantee anything for all the other students.”