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Qiao Liang was filled with indignation when he saw the debate regarding Repent and be Saved on the internet.

Why are they misinterpreting Boss Pei’s intentions? This is a slander! An absolute and complete slander!

It was obvious that those mindless haters were fake reviewers. Who paid for the fake reviews? It must be those evil competitors!

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They were not dedicated to producing games. They were envious of the good reputation and high sales volume of Tengda’s games. They hated the fact that they could not earn money easily after Tengda appeared in the market. Therefore, they decided to use these ulterior measures to tarnish Tengda’s reputation.

That was utterly despicable!

Qiao Liang wished that he could step up and produce a video to uncover the evil intentions that the fake reviewers had and protect the reputation of this rare well-produced game.

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However, the fortunate thing was that there was only one day before his meeting with Boss Pei.

Tomorrow, Teacher Qiao would officially step back in the spotlight and teach those fake reviewers and haters a lesson!

Qiao Liang checked the clips on his computer and the synopsis that he had written.

According to his plan, he would finish the newest episode of Products of the Gods today, in which he would talk about the interesting factors regarding Repent and be Saved. After that, he would make a video regarding the game and provide a game walkthrough to the viewers.

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It seemed reasonable that the game deserved dozens of videos.

He could make it into a video series to show off his achievements after the torture that he had been through. He could flaunt his skills in the video and satisfy his fans who had been waiting eagerly for his uploads

Products of the Gods, followed by a string of related videos

When he thought about that, Qiao Liang started making his videos.

The second episode of the ‘Products of the Gods’ series: Repent and be Saved, a Hardcore Game that Tortures the Players!