Foreign fire online

Foreign fire online

First, the couple of Uehara-kun and Aguri-san who just talked.

Then, there’s me, an awkward loner, Keita Amano.

Also, there’s my rival, seaweed otaku Chiaki Hoshinomori.

Then, there’s the perfect female that stands at the top of the school that’s also a hardcore gamer – Karen Tendou. This is just a side note, due to various reasons, she’s actually dating me (allow me to skip the details). With this relationship, she naturally belonged to both the Game Club and the Game Hobby Club.

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Alright, back to the topic. Within these members, me, Chiaki, and Tendou-san loved gaming from the bottom of our hearts…Although our stances are a bit different, you can definitely call us gamers.

Of course, we three can never stay silent when we heard that games are useless.

Just as Aguri-san was a bit scared with our manners, Tendou-san got triggered and started retorting.

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“Basically, it’s ridiculous to comment on games based on whether its useful or not. Otherwise, activities like watching a movie during a date, bowling, and finely frolicking with my beloved Amano-kun, will you consider all of them to be useless?”

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“Uh, let’s forget whether there’s a disgusting and useless scene in the latter half…However, watching a movie or bowling is really fun, right?”

“G-Games are fun as well!”

Tendou-san retorted at the top of her voice with her blonde hair raised as she descended into a rare hysteria. I immediately tried to appease her down. Even so, I began to confront Aguri-san since I basically agreed with all of Tendou-san’s opinion.

“Forget about Aguri-san’s hobbies for a second, gaming is the same as movies and bowling. They are all entertainment. So, I think we shouldn’t focus on their usefulness. Also, I sometimes hoped that I could finely frolic with Tendou-san for a few hours as well.”

“You two can curse each other with Izanami forever. Forget about that, the difference between movies and gaming is that the former will end in around 2 hours. Moreover, bowling is a kind of sport, right? As for gaming…how should I put it? Isn’t that wasting your life away in front of a screen with sounds?”

“What wasting! What do you mean by that!”

Even though that’s really the case! She’s right if she has to put it this way! But why am I getting so restless right now! Is it because my opponent just hit where it hurts the most, which made me really pissed off!?

So, just as my emotions are entirely boiling, the seaweed girl Chiaki can’t stay silent anymore. So, she gave a hand sign for Tendou-san and me to stop them as she stood onto the frontline.

Aguri-san and Chiaki, which have different personalities and experiences for love, started staring at each other fiercely. In terms of appearance, it’s like a dragon versus a tiger…or I guess it’s easier to imagine as a hamster versus a chipmunk. It’s a small scale and a surreal fight between girls.