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Considering what had just happened, it would be impossible not to think so.

However, if I don’t strictly deny something when it isn’t true, it’ll be hard to stop if the rumor spreads.

“It’s just a misunderstanding. Satō and I were paired for the finals so we’ve studied together a couple of times.”

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“B-but, people don’t usually walk a-arm in arm?”

“That wasn't arm in arm, that was being latched onto.”

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“I feel that, if you dislike it you could shake her off……”

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Airi responds with a timid, yet accurate retort. That certainly may be the case.

I had become passive while going with the flow of things, but it's not a good idea to accept misunderstandings like this.

“I see. I don't think there will be a next time, but I’ll be careful.”

“A-And Besides……”

There’s still something else……

“Before the pairs were chosen, you went somewhere alone with Satō-san, right?”

That being said, when Satō had asked me to follow her, Airi did seem to be looking at me in the classroom.

“……B-between you two, is there anything……”

Saying no might be a lie, but at most I was only asked for my contact information.

Airi and I have also exchanged contact information, so this isn’t something for me to feel guilty over.

“Not convinced?”

“N-no. S-sorry. I'm asking you all kinds of strange things…… Did I make you uncomfortable……?”