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“Come with me to the guest room,” Pei Qian said to Tang Yishu.

Pei Qian had been thinking about the establishment of the ‘Tengda Secret Service’ for two whole days. The reason for the demands was because Pei Qian realized that there were too many industries at present and he really could not manage it.

The most important thing was that he did not obtain timely updates!

The founders of many huge companies were much busier than Pei Qian, but they had appointed many senior executives to be in charge of various affairs. The executives would ask for instructions on important issues while dealing with the minor ones themselves.

These business empires could still operate efficiently and with order using such mode.

Pei Qian was also adopting this model recently. However, the largest problem was that Pei Qian’s goal was totally opposite of the other company bosses! The attitude of the bosses of the other companies was that senior executives should develop their own departments well. Report major problems that could not be solved as soon as possible and give commendations if the business were to develop well.

While Boss Pei’s requirement was for these executives to not be able to develop their own departments and report signs of business development as soon as possible, he would also give commendation when major problems which could not be solved happened.

This requirement was totally reversed for the bosses of the other companies.

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The bosses of the other companies needed to understand the company’s current problems. They would request for all of the departments to report such issues at any time.

What Pei Qian needed to understand was the company’s current profitability. There was no need to report this matter in the eyes of most department heads.

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Especially since Pei Qian had long left the impression of ‘disliking employees asking for credit’, this problem was even more serious.

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Therefore, Pei Qian felt that he must set up an information collection department to better control the information of each department to find the problem as soon as possible.

The members of this department would be known as Management Trainees.

The management trainees were originally a concept from foreign companies to cultivate the company’s future leaders for special projects. It could be regarded as a talent reserve plan for cultivating mid-high level managers. Management Trainees usually intern in different departments of the company to understand the operations of the entire company. They would then be posted based on their expertise.