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“Boss Pei, the current publicity approaches are...”

Li Shi spoke about his publicity plan while observing Boss Pei’s expression. However, the expression on Boss Pei’s face was very confusing. Expectation? Definitely not, it looked like he was bored.

However, to say that he did not care? No, Boss Pei seemed to be listening to it genuinely.

Satisfaction? However, Boss Pei did not seem happy at all?

Dissatisfied? However, Boss Pei’s expression had some changes after hearing some more powerful publicity.

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How mysterious. Boss Li was pondering while explaining the publicity proposal...

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While Pei Qian had nowhere to vent his anger.

Are you seeking death?!

How dare you do so much publicity! That would cause me to lose how much money!

Pei Qian was very resistant to what Boss Li had to say, but he had to listen to understand the current situation-which angered him.

Boss Li was done in no time.

“Boss Pei... what do you think of this publicity arrangement?” Li Shi probed.

Pei Qian: “...okay.” What else could he say?

Did I have to present each of you a little red flower?