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“We’re really stuck, Mizumi-kun. Please tell us if you got any good ideas. That would be really helpful…”


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After he heard my request, Mizumi-kun scratched his head awkwardly.

Although he looked troubled by something for a while, …at last, he can’t ignore Chiaki and my helpless “little puppy” eyes. So, he sighed and confessed to us.

“Uh, how should I put it? I guess you two can do the thing that I did with Amano-kun before. …At least, I got really close to Amano-kun because of that…”

“Hmm? What did I do with you? What was that? …Ah, you mean the club visit?”

“Uh, no, it’s not that. It should be some time after that…”

“Huh? What was that?”

I was confused since I have no idea.

Mizumi-kun looked at Chiaki and me for a couple of times. …Finally, he mumbled. “Tendou-san, I’m sorry…” After that, he told us this with an incredibly awkward face.

“Uh, …I was thinking, can Hoshinomori-san visit Amano-kun’s home and play video games together…”

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…Another pair of boy and girl that’s standing with an incredibly awkward face next to the game store.

“W-Well, e-excuse me.”

“P-P-Please come in…”

A nervous and stiff-looking girl is invited into the boy’s home, who’s just as stiff and anxious.

…This hellish scene went live an hour after we separated from Mizumi-kun.

Of course, after he suggested we continue our date at my house, Chiaki and I immediately rejected the idea vehemently.