Online Society wants WeChat information to make money

Online Society wants WeChat information to make money

“However, our development process was not affected. It is mainly the games companies outside that are more affected.”

“What’s more, I realized that there don’t seem to be any bugs in games that have been tested. In other words, even if there are bugs, the probability of them appearing is very low. Basically, we won’t be able to meet them. It doesn’t affect the game experience.”

“I don’t know how to explain this now. Is it metaphysics or pure luck…”

Tang Yishu lowered her head even more as Li Yada spoke.

Meng Chang fell into deep thought. “There’s such a thing?”

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Li Yada waved her hand. “Forget it. This has nothing to do with us. Anyway, it’s a good thing. These companies can find bugs faster and the game can be released earlier.”

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“Let’s talk about the publicity plan first.”

Meng Chang nodded and got down to business.

“The first stage of publicity has been completed.”

“There are two purposes. The first is to leave an impression on the netizens so that the morning show gaming platform can obtain a certain amount of attention and fame. The second is to let the gaming company know about our platform so that we can obtain as many games as possible before the platform test runs.”

“I heard that the game platform’s program has been developed. Then… Do you have a clear idea on when to start the trial operation?”

“I’ve already prepared two plans for the second step of the publicity plan. I’m just waiting for the platform to officially start the trial operation.”

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After some consideration, Li Yada said, “I had intended to start the test run on Friday, which is tomorrow.


“The worst case scenario we predicted has happened.”

“Before this, I thought that the two companies encountered a lot of bugs because they were unique. However, it seems to be a common phenomenon… Most of the games that we worked with could not be released because of too many bugs.”

“There are only three or four old games that fit the criteria.”

“We can start the trial operation now, but there are only four games on the entire platform. How can that be? What’s more, these four games have been operating for a long time.”