Does anyone have been deceived online?

Does anyone have been deceived online?

“Go, Amako. I’ll hug you- if you crashed into pieces.”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and looked at Zhang Yuan. “What’s the financial situation for these internet cafes?”

Zhang Yuan immediately answered proudly, “They’re looking good!

“The flagship store’s getting about seven hundred thousand yuan per month in revenue. After deducting our expenses, we’re making about two to three hundred thousand yuan per month. The other shops are doing slightly worse, but we’re more or less balanced out.

“Our Ming Yun Villas branch was incurring the most losses among all the branches. However, its revenue has increased recently. I think we can generate an overall profit soon.” Hearing this, Pei Qian felt his heart begin to bleed.

However, this also gave his thoughts validation.

Again, Pei Qian asked, “Our main source of income in the internet cafes is the sale of alcohol, right?” Zhang Yuan nodded. “That’s right. The internet cafes’ main sources of income are the sale of alcohol and coffee, as well as tips for the resident singers. Another important source of revenue is the internet-surfing fee. However, while more people are paying to surf the net at our internet cafes, there still aren’t that many of them overall.”

Pei Qian roughly understood the situation now.

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“We do have to expand. We’ll open a new branch in a location where the rent is the most expensive!”

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Ma Yang’s suggestion to expand the business reminded Pei Qian of something.

Pei Qian had not intended to throw money into a failed project like Fish-Catching Internet Cafe anymore. Now, both the flagship store and the Ming Yun Villas branch have become popular. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe also had pretty good ratings on Quanmin Reviews. The internet cafes were now considered very famous in Jingzhou.

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Once paying customers formed an impression of such high-end brands, they would remain forever. Even if Boss Pei opened a new branch, people would likely visit it as well.

Thus, opening a new branch would have been disadvantageous to Boss Pei.

Why would he open new branches if they could not incur losses?

However, after some thought, Pei Qian thought of another problem.

Among all the businesses, Upwind Logistics was probably the best at losing money.

Still, Ma Yang was the CEO of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe after all. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was now doing so well; it was now well-reputed and making profits. How could they just stop now?