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Although Horikita decided to compete against me one on one, there was nothing that needed to be done as of now. The same was true for Ichinose, it was also a matter for the future.

For now, I only have to care about next year’s battles, and calmly do what needs to be done.

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However, these were only the things that had happened around me.

As for my own changes, they were minimal.

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Yes——that was until today.

The spring break was also nearing its end, with only two days remaining.

Before the students welcomed the upcoming battle, enjoying the final day of rest, I started to make a firm resolution for action as I sought a great change.

If you wanted to move forward, then you had to take advantage of it now.

It was just past 6 o’clock, and the sun had just begun to set. It was now the time when day switched to night.

Having said that, if that’s possible, there’s something I wanted to ask you all.

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For example, if there was someone of the opposite sex you liked, how could you open up a path towards a confession?

If you were handsome or beautiful, then you could just cut all corners and confess right away.

As long as they replied to me, “I feel the same way!”, then it would be worthy of celebration.

However, not many people met such conditions. They had an inferiority complex when it came to their complexion, personality, and body shape.

Those three factors could serve as obstacles to the road to confession.

In short, using a “confession” as a gateway to love was not that simple of a matter.

Because of this, I would have to seriously let my imagination run wild, and think hard in order to raise the success rate of the confession.

Was the success rate 10%!o(MISSING)r 20%!?(MISSING) Or could it be, say, 50%!?(MISSING)