Editing video to make money

Editing video to make money

While Qiao Liang was adjusting the equipment or changing the weight, the game character would also talk about professional fitness, from the basic concept of fitness to the details of a certain movement.

The fitness trainer watched from the side and could not help but feel stunned.

He suddenly felt like he had lost his job...

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Deposit Fitness might not have any private training but as a coach, he had to be in charge of guiding newbies.

However, the coach realized that the character in the game had perfectly replaced his role!

Of course, it was impossible to completely replace him. After all, no matter how smart a game program was, it could not compare to a living person. However, it still had seventy to eighty percent of its effect.

That was because fitness was both profound and simple at the same time. Some basic theories would not change much. They were basically common knowledge.

What’s more, the character in the game had another advantage. It would not be annoying or have a bad attitude.

Even if players repeatedly made the same mistake a hundred times, the characters in the game would still seriously remind and guide them. This kind of good temper was absolutely impossible for humans.

This would obviously make many people who were too embarrassed to communicate with the coach lower their guard and distance. After all, it was much easier to deal with game characters than with real people.

Qiao Liang quickly immersed himself in the game. He realized that using the smart fitness drying rack to play “Fitness Battle” was completely different from using a cell phone!

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When he was using his cell phone to play, his actions were basically fooling around. He was purely using his hands and feet to exchange for calories. The pleasure points of the game were all focused on clearing the stages and obtaining rewards.