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Straight, short, brown hair that reached the top of the shoulders. It wasn’t crude by any means, but the school recently approved shorter skirts, so it was obvious that her uniform was a newer one.

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In her hand was a pouch with a lot of keyholders on it—I couldn’t tell if she was carrying a pouch or if she was carrying a lot of keyholders.

“I’m Kushida in the same class. Will you remember my name?

“Sure, I guess I can. What do you need from me?”

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“Actually… I would like to ask you something. It’s a short question, but Ayanokouji-kun, by any chance, are you on good terms with Horikita-san?”

“We’re not particularly close. Just acquaintances. Did she do something?”

It seems that when her goal was to ask about Horikita. I feel a bit sad.

“Oh, I see. Weren’t you two getting along on the first day of school though? I was asking everyone one by one for their contact info, but… Horikita refused to tell me.”

That girl, what is she doing? If she was asked for her contact by an assertive girl like her, she could’ve helped me out and shared it with me. Afterwards, I might have have gotten familiar with the class.

“Also, on the day of the entrance ceremony, weren’t you two talking to each other in front of the school?”

Considering that we were also on the same bus together, it’s not surprising that she saw the two of us together.

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“What kind of personality does Horikita have? Is she the type to only speak her mind to her close friends?”

Even though she wants to get to know Horikita, I can only listen to her questions but not answer any of them.

“I think she’s not very good at interacting with others. Why do you want to know about Horikita?”

“During the self-introductions, Horikita-san walked out of the room, right? It looked like she didn’t talk to anybody, so I was worried about her.”

She did say that she wanted to get along with everyone in her introduction.